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R & D and production of high-quality and customized floor drain



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  • R & D design

    We have been dedicated in the R&D manufacturing of floor drain for many years, more than 20 patents and inventions!

  • Deodorization / plug

    The automatic closed outlet, anti odor, anti bacteria, anti worm, anti clogging function.

  • Selected materials

    High quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance, working life can be up to 70 years.

  • Convenient installation

    Simple installation: reasonable design, simple installation,available for a variety of places.

Purchase/customization of floor drain In Zhiliang

R & D and manufacturing of stainless steel floor drain

Strength is guaranteed

Strong production capacity

Annual output over 1,300,000, and turnover is more than 20,000,000 yuan

3000 ㎡ production plant, a number of production lines, Standardized implementation and management, high-end advanced equipment and a professional production team

Strict quality control

A series of strict quality inspection, ensure each high-quality floor drain

Strict quality inspection : Pass rate of 100%, the authorize test report and patent certification.

Reasonable price

Factory direct price supply, cost savings

Optimizing the structure of raw material suppliers, manufacturers and purchasers, reducing raw material costs, and also simplify the the production procedures, saving costs of labor and production.

Sale service

Provide professional shopping guide instruction

Pre-sales: free consultation and understanding of products requirements.

Sales: customized service to satisfy customer’s needs.

After-sales: professional logistics, transportation full range of security and speed guarantee.

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About Us

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Zhiliang drainer ingenuity creation: R&D PRODUCTION OF HIGH-QUALITY FLOOR DRAIN


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Q: What are the general materials of floor drain?

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Q: What should pay attention to the decoration of house

A:In the decoration of house, it is very important to choose a right floor drain. Unlike other decoration devices, they can be removed easily if not suitable. But the floor... < more+ >

Q: The balcony washing machine without floor drain and pipe to install ?

A:First, installation of floor drain is very troublesome, but there is ways to solve it. Drainer installation must be done at the design stage of construction in accordance... < more+ >

Q: How to stop the hair from getting into the drainer?

A:A stocking is the the key. Cut a small piece of stocking(the thinner the better), stretch it as large as it can and fix it on the floor drain, so that the hair gather in ... < more+ >

Q: Why do you have to clean the bathroom ?

A:Answer: The toilet is not the main source of the smell, it comes from the flow back of sewage. The excreta flows into the cesspool through toilet. The toilet pipe, floor ... < more+ >

Q: How to appreciate the new house?

A:Although the home decoration materials are new, the bathroom fittings do not have smell. Even though the sanitary products are expensive and new, they are not effective i... < more+ >

Q: What are the main material of floor drains for now?

A:Stainless steel, copper and PVC are three main material floor drain. The copper drain is quite popular for its beautiful appearance. However, all copper chrome is very ex... < more+ >