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The balcony washing machine without floor drain and pipe to install ?

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First, installation of floor drain is very troublesome, but there is ways to solve it. Drainer installation must be done at the design stage of construction in accordance with the size of floor drain. There is no floor drain in the original kitchen, so how to drainage? There are only two ways: one is with high ground cloth under the water; the other one is to punch through heavy cloth under the water. So how to install the drainer. First, cut the tile as the floor drain, and dig cement around 3C, and then do the closed water test to observe whether it is leaking, if not the infiltration needs to be restored.

Self-sealing floor drain

Self-sealing floor drain

In addition, the drain grid hole diameter should be controlled between 6 and 8mm,which can prevent hair, mud, sand and dirt from blocking the floor drain. It is noted that water inlet can not leak too much in one time. Multi-channel drainer has 3 to 4 water inlets(undertaking washbasin,bathtub,washing machine and ground drainage). This structure not only influences the design of drainer drainage volume, but also is impractical.

Thus, the multi-channel water inlet can meet the need of ground floor drain and washing machine. 

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