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What should pay attention to the decoration of house

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   In the decoration of house, it is very important to choose a right floor drain. Unlike other decoration devices, they can be removed easily if not suitable. But the floor drain is fixed on the ground, it cannot be removed easily. However, many people would like to spend lots of money on other decorations, want to save money in buying good floor drain. The quality of drainer is usually ignored. Thus, they have to change the drainer frequently for not choosing the good-quality drainer. In the end, they have to spend more money on buying pieces of drainer,

Zhiliang bathroom

Zhiliang bathroom

Good floor drain with fine materials has the performance of deodorization, rapid drainage and anti-clogging etc. If there any problem occurs, the core of drainer can be changed. But for the cheaper drainer with slow drainage, it is unable to change the core.      

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