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What are the main material of floor drains for now?

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Stainless steel, copper and PVC are three main material floor drain. The copper drain is quite popular for its beautiful appearance. However, all copper chrome is very expensive for its complicated workmanship. Therefore,many people chose the PVC and rust floor drain. Price is acceptable and the deodorization effect is good, but it’s fragile and not durable. Currently, the main material is stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant, durable without rust for long-term use. Also, it’s easy to clean. Generally, stainless steel floor drain can be used for at least 10 years.

Except the drainage function, deodorization is the key. We should pay attention to the design and material when purchasing. Generally, the floor drain includes a drainer body and a floating cover. The floor drain body refers to sealing part which is water storage. Because the floor drain deodorization mainly depends on water seal, the structure design is reasonable. And the depth determines the sewage capacity and anti-odor effect.

Self-sealing floor drain

Self-sealing floor drain3

Now most of the water leakage is shallow, only 1-2cm or even less. The floor drain in the positive and negative pressure, the seal time is a few hours. But it’s dry in winter, so these "deodorant floor drain" would lose deodorization role in a very short period of time. Only reach to a certain depth of water (5 cm) is the real qualified product which can prevent odor, cockroaches and various mosquitoes from stepping into indoor.

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