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What are the general materials of floor drain?

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Answer:  The holes of floor drain are generally larger than it is really needed, they will be filled up by the decoration personnel. When buying the floor drain, the size is generally in accordance with the renovated size. However, the standard size is no longer available when some circumstances occur. Therefore, it should choose the suitable pipe in the period of decoration or before the waterproof construction finishes. And then start the drainage construction in accordance with pipe size we chose. In addition, the drain grid hole diameter should be controlled within 6-8mm, to prevent hair, mud, sand and dirt into the floor drain

Deep floo drain

Deep floo drain

The main material of floor drain:  cast iron, PVC, zinc alloy, ceramics, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and other materials.

Ceramics: low price, corrosion resistance, impact resistance;

Brass: high quality, high grade, high price, the surface can be processed with electroplating.

Aluminum: moderate price, light, rough;

Zinc alloy: low price, fast corrosion;

Iron: low price, easily rusty, not beautiful, easy cleaning;

Stainless steel: moderate price, beautiful, durable;

PVC: low price , easily affected by temperature , poor resistance of scratch and impact, not beautiful

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