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Bathroom enterprise standard bathroom gap?

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With each industry will have a certain standard constraints, but some standard sanitary enterprises is not so perfect, bathroom hardware industry overall level of development and international have certain differences, how to narrow the gap with the developed countries in the bathroom? The establishment of standards, standardization of enterprise products, through the development of standard hardware the industry put forward more requirements.

Zhiliang bathroom

Zhiliang bathroom

Intelligent products is the decoration industry with the international standards and appeared in the decoration on the stage of fashion products. In China Technology Hardware City market, sales more prosperous including sanitary ware, kitchen equipment, video intercom system, electric curtains, lighting etc.. Plumbing Hardware trading business users, with the development and innovation of science and technology, new things, new products are intelligent generation after generation emerge in an endless stream, from the early induction faucet, sanitary ware in the most common intelligent toilet now booming sales of automatic flushing massage bathtub, bath cabinet, have been quietly a large family bathroom decoration fashion.

Linear floor drain

Linear floor drain

Without the analysis of the user population, it is a dangerous thing to start blindly. This will not only spend a lot of time and energy, the effect is not good. To carry out network promotion, the first should be targeted by the user population analysis, a good understanding of the user population gathered place, find the right place, the results achieved by nature is good.

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