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Bathroom industry development trend to improve the quality of sanitary ware

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According to the requirements of the international sanitary ware market access standards, sanitary products export must meet the ISO90000 international quality system certification. In addition to international standards certification, certification and other products exported to the United States as the symbol of the national accreditation and standards. If you want to direct exports to Europe and the United States and other western countries, but also at any time to pay attention to these national product standards, and the requirements of the relevant trade barriers and changes at any time.

Fair - Zhiliang bathroom

Fair - Zhiliang bathroom

As more and more people begin to use the network to understand the relevant product knowledge, network promotion is more and more attention to the bathroom enterprises. How to through the network channels, their product information to maximize the show to the target consumer front, as many businesses concerned topic in the clear user groups and user groups gathering place, the next step is to develop a set of scheme for network promotion. In the formulation of the program, the need to integrate a number of promotional methods to obtain the best results. Such as bathroom manufacturers, want to use the network to promote themselves, so as to achieve the purpose of investment, promotion, the most effective way of course is to choose the bathroom industry in the largest and most professional e-commerce website promotion.

Zhiliang bathroom

Zhiliang bathroom

Bathroom hardware industry to achieve a certain standard, it is necessary to understand the trend of the development of the bathroom industry, according to the standard constantly improve the technical content of sanitary products, continue to enhance the grade and value-added export products. The future development trend of bathroom industry can be summarized as follows: walking in the 2011 exhibition, everywhere can see the posters of water saving posters, visited more, also feel the specific label with "water saving" as the focus of the annual new product development.

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