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The importance of floor drain

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    The floor drain is an important interface connecting with drainage pipeline of the ground. It is an indispensable part of residential drainage system, and its property will directly influence the indoor air. Also, the bathroom odor needs to be controlled to improve the quality of indoor air.

     Although the floor drain pricing is various, it can really demonstrate whether the anti- odor effect is good or not. The deodorant drainer will not be effective until it is used for a while.

Patented self-seling drain

Patented self-seling drain

So let's get to know Zhiliang bathroom floor drain

The Zhiliang bathroom floor drainage performance-Functional: anti-odor, anti-clogging, easy cleaning and dual-used. It is OUT for one single drain function, .

Self-sealing floor drain

Self-sealing floor drain

The bathroom floor drain requirements not only kept the water fast, it's important to have anti clogging and smell otherwise old to clean, has no end of trouble for the future.

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