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With speeding up the construction of public utilities ,the demand of bathroom floor drain is increasing

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With the improvement of people’s living environment, the problems of public places, such as public toilets are arousing the public’s attention, which require acceleration of construction of public infrastructure. Recently, the "State Council on strengthening the construction of urban infrastructure" has issued, claiming that the construction and management of public toilet should be improved in the process of urban infrastructure. 

Zhiliang bathroom

Zhiliang bathroom

  In Shenzhen, in accordance with the "comprehensive park construction standards", the toilet squatting position should be based on the number of park visitors capacity of a few settings, and The toilet should be constructed specifically for the children and people with disabilities. Therefore,the demand of floor drain will greatly increase.

Brass floor drain

Brass floor drain

 Moreover, with the two-child policy released, more and more schools and residences are booming in next few years. So what does it mean? It means the more houses, the more bathrooms, which boosts the bathroom industry. Floor drain is one of the greatest beneficiaries.

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