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Small sense of deodorant floor drain

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Most real estate developers choose plastic floor drain. Therefore, the owners will come into an awareness that plastic floor drain is good enough for decorating the house, instead of purchasing expensive and beautiful stainless steel or other metal drain. Meanwhile, it destroyed the original sealing part. The overall housing devices of bathroom,toilet and kitchen etc. Become smelly. There comes the floor drain.

Deep floo drain

Serious of kitchen air quality has Pan foul problem, even in the kitchen and bathroom installed in the floor drain deodorizing floor drain, if long time storage water supplement is not absolute, will produce water sealing deodorization effect, toilet pan odor problems.

Self-sealing floor drain

Self-sealing floor drain

Serious air problem also occurs in the kitchen. Water-sealing deodorant floor drain can fix this problem.Water sealing means storing water in the drainer to reach a certain level, so  it can deodorize. This is not only suitable for the kitchen, but for the bathroom and balcony! 

It is recommended that the water in the drainer should keep the level as a cup of water to keep the odor away! In addition, it is suggested that slow drainage floor drain should not be installed in the balcony. If there is heavy rain, it may flow into the balcony, but slow drainage doesn’t work fast enough, and then the rain will flow into the room. Thus, the stainless steel cover filter is needed which is rapid drainage.

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