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Strictly adhere to the standard of intensive and meticulous enterprises

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"Green building action Project", which was promulgated by the state, is actually promoting the development of the urban green building and strictly implementing the consolidation of energy assessment and review system asset investment projects, with the purpose of improving green building standards for large public construction projects, enhancing the management of green building evaluation, strengthening supervision planning, design, construction and operation. Compared with the past of rapid construction, step by step, lean production , steady development has become the core of brand new construction idea. The urbanization construction and product management are operating in a more and more stringent way . Hence, strictly abide by the standards, the enterprises with high quality is excepted to be intensive and meticulous which has become an advantage to show themselves on the market!

Linear floor drain

Linear floor drain

A few years ago, millions of consumers in small town have certain consuming capacity because the total household income is about 50% higher than the sum of first and second tier city. In the next 20 years, the middle income families in small town will increase to millions of households, more than 30000yuan per year, which is faster than the city growth.

Deep floo drain

Deep floo drain

   Though the domestic bathroom brands are gradually increasing, the market share of enterprise is less than 10%. And monopoly brands have not formed yet, so there is great potential and progress for this industry. Particularly with the implementation of industry policy and the establishment of Chinese building sanitary ceramics fund, ceramic industry alliance,sanitary mixed industry integration, the whole bathroom industry is accelerating.

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