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The real estate market boosts sanitary ware industry has gradually become hot topic

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 The Politburo meeting held on April 29th pointed out that, we should pay attention to solve regional and structural problems and implement the differentiated policy so that we can digest the real estate inventory, in accordance with the improving of the household population and deepening the reform of the housing system.

Gradual development of the bathroom industry

Gradual development of the bathroom industry

'orderly digestion' can be understood from three aspects. Enjoysmart institute director of intelligence research center, Yan Yuejin told the "Securities Daily" reporter : first of all, the local government should make clear the real estate inventory schedule, through the introduction of real estate inventory policy and actively implemented; Secondly, in the development of various types of inventory policy. We should put the purchase of migrant workers as the breakthrough point, because the purchase can bring strong demand for real estate and stock to complete the task;also it is conducive to improve the household population urbanization rate; Finally, the "orderly digest" can be expressed as first solve the digest inventory, to increase the difficulty of moving high inventory area.

Deep floo drain

Deep floo drain

In addition, Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei told the Securities Daily "reporter that: the purpose of digesting the real estate inventory will change before orientation. To refine the inventory task, we should Stimulate the policies application according to the characteristics of cities. It is expected to focus on the three and four lines cities with the effort of government in the future. And the strength of inventory policy will be receded in the first tier cities

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